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ADA-Sponsored Insurance Plans – FAQ | Great-West Financial Insurance plans for Dentists
FAQs From Dental Students
FAQs From Dental Students

What if I’m unsure about what’s right for me?

Since your coverage will continue beyond graduation and stay free to you for the next several months, you have time to map out next steps before making any purchasing decisions. We can offer assistance and guidance during this time of transition— 866-607-5338 or As you consider your options, remember you are never locked into any long-term commitment with ADA-sponsored insurance—and can always adjust your coverage as your needs and priorities evolve.

General Enrollment

How do I get the insurance that comes with my ADA membership?

Create a login to access your insurance account at You will be given the opportunity to request activation of insurance at the end of the login process.

Why does a student need insurance?

Insurance can reduce the risk of your debt (including student loans) becoming a burden to you or your loved ones if you die or become disabled during dental school. Life and disability insurance are usually required for a practice loan, and it’s smart to get both lined up in advance.

Can every dental student obtain the insurance?

No. It's a benefit of ADA student membership, available only to ADA student members who are full-time predoctoral students.

Do I need a medical exam?

Student members age 45 or older must provide proof of good health. Students 45 or older will need to fill out an application for both the ADA-sponsored Student Members Term Life and Disability Insurance. Student Term Life Application and Student Disability Application.

Can I enroll if I don’t have a member ID yet?

You'll need your ADA Member ID before you can request activation of coverage.

Can I sign up for ADA disability insurance if I have another policy?

Yes—especially because the ADA policy may offer better provisions and/or greater flexibility after you graduate. The ADA-sponsored policy allows you to have up to $3,000/month from all sources before coordinating with other insurance; if you possess coverage through multiple policies, check each one for restrictions regarding the benefits you could claim.

Do I need to re-enroll each year?

No. Your coverage renews automatically each year through dental school or residency, whichever is later, as long as you remain an ADA student member.

What’s the hurry? Why should I enroll now?

Although students are generally healthy, your health status could change anytime and jeopardize your future insurability. Whenever you have the chance to get insurance without providing proof of good health, it’s wise to take advantage of the opportunity as early as possible.

Now is also the time you are preparing for your future life as a dentist, and getting personal insurance is one more thing you can do during dental school. Qualifying for a practice loan and/or covering your debt is easier once you have insurance in place.

Dollars and Sense

Why is there no cost to students for ADA life and disability insurance?

Premiums are paid by ADA Members Insurance Plans specifically to give you this head start toward financial security. It’s a tangible way the ADA invests in YOU as the future of organized dentistry.

How much will my ADA-sponsored insurance cost when it stops being no-cost?

ADA premiums are based on your age each year and all available discounts. Here’s what the full ADA package* will cost most new dentists:

Life Insurance

Disability Income Protection Insurance

Office Overhead Expense Insurance

*2014 premium for a 30-year old dentist rounded up to the nearest dollar for $100,000 of Term Life Insurance, $2,000/month of Income Protection Insurance, and $2,000/month of Overhead Expense Insurance

Why does the ADA offer insurance anyway?

The ADA sponsors a group insurance program so member dentists can benefit from group pricing and standards set by their peers for quality and service. Even student members can get basic protection while their careers get launched.

Insurance in Action

How can my ADA-sponsored insurance help me out professionally?

ADA life and disability insurance provide instant collateral for practice financing and buy-sell agreements. When you’re ready, contact us at 866-607-5338 or so we can explain the process and assist you with the paperwork.

What happens if I get disabled during school?

If you experience a disabling illness or injury that lasts more than 90 days, your ADA plan can provide a monthly disability check as soon as your claim is processed (call 800-568-2001 or click here to get a claim form). Monthly benefits are payable up to 2 years if you cannot perform the duties of a dental student, and up to 5 more years if you cannot perform any occupation. In addition, you could receive up to $150,000 to repay student loans if you can’t return to dental school.

How do I change my life insurance beneficiary?

Click here for a beneficiary change form. Because it is legally binding, your written request must include your signature. Call 800-568-2001 with questions.

How much personal insurance do I need?

It depends on your individual circumstances, such as whether you have a spouse and children, how much debt is in your name, how close you are to graduation and/or practice ownership, etc. Contact us at 866-607-5338 or for help crafting a short- or long-term insurance strategy.

Can I get extra insurance?

Yes. You can apply for up to $500,000 in ADA Term Life coverage at any time, and up to $3 million during your graduation year (many new dentists need $1 million or more to finance a practice loan). Upon approval, you’ll pay low ADA-member rates that are based on your age. You can also apply for ADA life insurance for your spouse and/or children.

Options After Graduation

What happens to my insurance after dental school?

Your coverage continues automatically beyond graduation and provides protection while you transition to the next phase of your career. The following January, you’ll have the chance to renew your insurance by paying affordable ADA-member premiums. Note: If you let your coverage lapse (by not paying the premium due) and you change your mind later, you will be required to submit an application and take a medical exam, and your coverage will not be guaranteed. So if there’s any chance you will want/need the protection in the future, it’s best to keep it.

What do I have to do to convert my ADA-sponsored insurance after graduation?

Nothing! All ADA insurance you had as a student stays no-cost to you through December 31 of the year you graduate. You have the option to convert coverage on January 1 to the ADA member plans for practicing dentists. Just pay the premium when due, and your coverage will convert.

Conversion is completed upon receipt of your new insurance premiums. Note: You CAN convert your coverage before the scheduled date if desired; just contact us at Conversion is required if you wish to apply for additional disability insurance.

Can I keep no-cost ADA-sponsored insurance during residency?

Yes. As long as you share your residency plans with Great-West Financial, your coverage can continue at no cost while you complete your education.

Why does ADA-sponsored insurance coverage “double” after graduation?

By the time you complete four years of dental school, your obligations and financial responsibilities have grown. To recognize this, the ADA program includes built-in term life insurance increases to provide you with greater protection. You do not need to take a medical exam or qualify in any other way for this extra insurance, but you do need to remain an active ADA member to continue your participation in the ADA-sponsored plans.

All ADA-sponsored insurance can be renewed beyond conversion and/or increased further as your needs grow throughout your career; proof of good health and/or income will be required for additional coverage increases.

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Dental Students: This website is not a contract. Student coverage is issued regardless of your medical condition if you are under 45, but benefits are not payable, as defined by the respective policy, for death or disability resulting from a sickness, disorder, physical condition, or symptom that existed or was treated 12 months prior to enrollment. Benefits are provided under respective Group Policy Nos. (104TLP Annually Renewable Term Life and 1108GDH-SDP Student Disability) filed in the state of Illinois in accordance with and governed by Illinois law, issued to the American Dental Association, and underwritten by Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company. If you are 45 or older, you can apply for the no-cost coverage and all student program features by providing proof of good health. Coverage renews automatically each academic year. Each insurance plan participant will receive a Certificate of Insurance explaining the terms and conditions of the respective policy. Individuals may convert coverage to the plans for practicing dentists after graduation according to policy guidelines by paying ADA member premiums and maintaining ADA membership. See legal information above for the ADA-sponsored insurance plans for practicing dentists.

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