Business Expenses

What's Covered?
A wide range of practice-related office and professional expenses is covered by the Office Overhead Expense Plan. How many of these expenses appear in your accounts payable every month?
• Lease or mortgage
• Payroll
• Employee benefits (life and medical insurance premiums)
• Utilities (heat, water, telephone, electricity)
• Bookkeeper or accountant fees
• Janitorial service
• Laundry service
• Insurance premiums (property/casualty, business overhead, business interruption)
• Student loan payments
• Practice loan payments
• Membership dues
• Advertising/marketing costs

To be eligible for reimbursement, all expenses must be in place prior to your disability. Not all business-related expenses are covered by this Plan. The Office Overhead Expense Plan will not reimburse you for the cost of equipment, dental supplies, and laboratory expenses; payments to an annuity or retirement plans; or salaries and payroll taxes for any dentists you regularly employ. A complete list of covered expenses (and those that are not covered) appears in the Certificate of Insurance issued to all participants.